Before You Lose Belly Fat: 7 Facts About Having Toned Abs

1. To get healthy and toned abs you most likely need to lose some weight. Ideally your body fat should drop to below 10% because Abs become more visible with less fat or padding under the skin.

2. Toned abdominals can also be achieved when your muscles are stronger…that’s obvious isn’t it? Stronger abs protrude further and can be seen through 12% or even 15% body fat.

3. You should make up your mind to stick to a lifestyle of diet planning and/or work out routine to achieve and maintain a toned mid riff.
Why would you lose lots of weight for a month or two only to give up and go back to your “original” state? That’s pointless!

4. Instead of jumping into a radically different diet routine, start by taking care of the not so obvious calorie suppliers. Some popular culprits are the sugar or cream in your tea, butter on your bread, and soda drinks.

When you take this more natural approach in watching what you eat you end up with a diet that works for you. Watch how swapping butter for avocado, for example, works for you…Try crackers instead of chocolate for a snack and see how this affects your energy levels and your weight loss.

5. Don’t get obsessed with counting calories, our bodies don’t all work the same way as basic differences like hormonal levels have a part to play in weight loss or weight gain.
Your metabolism may be slower than others and you don’t necessarily have to be diabetic or suffer from hypothyroidism. Play to your body’s advantages, do things that can help to manage or fix your metabolism and your hormone balance.

6. Most supplements taken by athletes for weight loss or performance contain mostly nutrients like vitamin B complex, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, PQQ, resveratrol, creatine…which are found in the food around us. So if you can eat a rich diet with these nutrients you will find your body starts to burn fat efficiently which in turn supplies the energy you need to train and exercise better.

7. You burn more fat quickly when you exercise first thing in the morning because your blood sugar is incredibly low. So your body performs as though it is ‘fasted’. Exercise at this time is called “Fasted Cardio”.

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