Average Physiotherapy Salary in Top Countries

Why do we make so much fuss about how much a physiotherapist should earn? Well we are not fussy, it is just imperative that you are up to date with industry standards.

Physiotherapists promote mobility, physical activity and general health and wellness of individuals. In this technology age there is emphasis on education to prevent injury and disease and promote recovery.

Why would physiotherapy continue to be relevant? Because as people become more sedentary in their lifestyle and also grow older, there is an increasing need to ensure that individual maintain optimal health by being physically active. Maintaining and improving functional independence is key when dealing with an ageing or elderly population.

So what should a physiotherapist be expected to earn these days? Physiotherapy salaries have actually been increased in several regions because of the increased demand and importance of the profession.

In the UK, physiotherapists earn an average salary of £45,000 ($53,000) per annum. Experience is key in the UK, so the greater your years of experience the higher your salary will be. On the average, the physiotherapy salary range in the UK is between £31,000 ($38,000) and £54,000 ($66,000) per annum.

In the US, the average annual physiotherapy salary ranges from $55,000 to $90,000, this includes a basic salary and allowances that follow. Salaries for physiotherapists vary across the different states, with Texas and Alaska being some of the best paying.

In Canada, having a postgraduate degree is a plus to your annual salary. Other factors that also affect how good your salary can get are the province you are employed and also the industry you work. There are varying reports on which Canadian cities pay physiotherapists best; some say Ontario, some say Calgary. Interestingly, the lowest and highest physio salaries are in Toronto/Ontario with a range CAD 38,000 to CAD 103,000 ($28,000 to $78,000) while the highest “low” salary is paid in Calgary.The average annual physiotherapy salary range in Calgary is CAD 63,000 to CAD 91,000 ($48,000 to $69,000).

The annual salary range for physiotherapists working in Australia is between AUD 46,000($35,000) and AUD 86,000($65,000).

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