Your Exercise Regimen to Burn Belly Fat Should Contain these Three

If you’re thinking of execises that can help you lose or get rid of belly fat quickly then consider making the following part of your workout routine:

1. Concurrent Training

Concurrent training is made up of a combination of cardio exercise and resistance exercise for the purpose of burning fat while toning the muscles. An example is riding a stationary bike with the resistance on a high setting so that you really have to push to get the wheels to turn. Another example of the concurrent training is using a punching bag or battle ropes.
This combined method has been shown to burn more fat than using either cardio or resistance training on its own.

2. Exercises for the Abdominals

Your abs are made up of three major muscles the rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis and oblique muscles.
The rectus abdominis (the main “6-pack” muscle that people show off) is responsible for bending you forward. The transverse abdominis is the band of muscle that to hold the stomach in to keep it flat, surrounds the core and supports the back. The obliques are the muscles that run down either side of the abdomen responsible for twisting the body and generating torque.
Doing exercises that work these three muscles will give you the most defined and well-rounded looking mid-section.

Photo-Credit: American Academy of Family Physicians

3. Daily Activities

Beyond trying to get toned abs your focus should be to become generally more active; not just more workout hours but to consistently engage in simple activities like walking, running, cycling, dancing, using the stairs, gardening and even doing home chores.
Exercise that doesn’t leave you exhausted gives a lot of room for repetition and consistency. This means that you can repeat these activities sooner rather than needing to wait to recover from the soreness of vigorous exercises.

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