How to Register As a Physiotherapist in Seychelles: the Process

To work as a physiotherapist in Seychelles you will need to register with the Health Professionals Council (HPC) Seychelles.

To get updated in information on the registration process, send an email to the Registrar: [email protected] or [email protected]
or call +248 4303745.

This information below is to give you an idea on what is likely to be expected of you:

1. Download the application form and fill it and scan it (except you plan to submit a hard copy or go there physically)

2. Submit with it the following documents:
– A passport type electronic photograph or hard copy of the photograph
– A copy of the passport showing your full name, nationality and date of birth
A copy of all qualifications received, especially the basic qualification as a physiotherapist
– A copy of your transcript if you are a new graduate
– Your certificate of registration as a physiotherapist from where you studied or are practicing.
– A detailed curriculum vitae
– Application or Processing fee – $100
– A letter or recommendation from your last employer prior to coming to work in Seychelles if applicable.
– A letter of good standing (or Certificate of Current Professional Status) from your Physiotherapy board prior to coming to Seychelles if applicable.

The application form and supporting documents can be submitted physically or hard copy to:

The Registrar
Health Professionals Council
Office No. 18, 2nd Floor, Docklands Building
New Port Rd, Victoria
Tel: (+248) 4303745/ 4303746 Cell: (+248) 2606128

By email: [email protected]

12 thoughts on “How to Register As a Physiotherapist in Seychelles: the Process

  1. Hi,

    If we register as a Physiotherapist do we get a VISA to work in Seychelles ? or should we first register then find a Job then ask for a VISA ?


    Raphael Vidot

  2. Hi am JASHUVA physiotherapist from Hyderabad city, India.
    I would love to work in your country .At preset am working in Maldives
    presently am holding Indian license as well Maldives license
    Kindly know the process.
    Thank you.
    JASHUVA Siddela
    [email protected]

      1. Thank you for your kind present am working in Maldives in MOH.I HAVE MALDIVES LICENSE TOO

  3. Hi ! This is Mr.G.v.sagar physiotherapist from India. I have nearly 15 years of experience currently working in Kuwait with MOH license. I wanted to know how to get a job in Seychelles and criteria. Kindly let me know everything in detail as I’m eager to know. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your kind reply.At present am working in Maldives MOH hospital with MALDIVES LICENSE TOO.

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