7 Fast and Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

1. Getting Enough Sleep

Sleeping about 8 hours every night is a quick and easy to strengthen your immune system. Not getting enough sleep deprives your body the opportunity to rejuvenate while carrying out functions that are most efficient when the body is asleep.

2. Drinking Fruit Juice

Extracting juices from fresh fruits using a blender yourself, is something worth adding to your healthy habit regimen. Vitamin C is great for boosting your immune system and you can get that from oranges, tomatoes, apple, watermelon and others. You can experiment by juicing any combination of these fresh fruits.

3. Get Enough Sunlight

Getting exposed to sunlight helps your body produce more vitamin D which is essential for boosting the immune system naturally. Vitamin D also helps you have healthy bones which results in higher quality bone marrow which is part of a healthy immune system in that blood cells are produced there.

So simply taking walks is a good way to not just boost your immune system but also improve your mood and general wellbeing (remember your mental health and physical health are connected).

4. Ingesting Garlic

Adding garlic to your diet can help increase the number of white blood cells in your blood which results in you having more “soldiers” to fight disease. Studies have also shown that garlic helps to stop the release of stress hormones which are harmful to your immune system.

It is important to note that you get greater results from garlic when you eat it raw, that is UNCOOKED. Yeah, we know, it has a strong smell. But if you can’t deal with this you may have to opt for garlic supplements which are usually odourless.

5. Practicing Good Hygiene

Having the habit of good hygiene would certainly keep a reasonable amount of bacteria and viruses out of your system. Wash your hands properly, avoid keep your hands your face, take a bath or shower regularly are quick habits to imbibe..

6. Cutting Down on Alcohol

If you consume alcohol regularly, then one fast way to give your immune system a boost to reduce your alcohol intake drastically.

7. Getting a Lymphatic Massage

Getting a body massage naturally helps accelerate the healing process of the body as it aids blood flow.
The main aim of a lymphatic massage is to help your body’s filtration process, using your lymphatic system. Lymph nodes, which are an essential part of the immune system, contain a fluid called lymph which contains T and B cells (lymphocytes).

The role of these lymphocytes is to target harmful pathogens in your body and kill them. So your lymphatic system is a sort of drainage or cleansing system. In other words once the lymph nodes get rid of harmful substances, clean lymph fluid then goes back into the blood.

This is where a lymphatic massage can really help you; physiotherapists and massage therapists use the effleurage technique to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

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