How Does One Go About Getting into an Internship Program in UAE?

This is one of the most common questions I have been asked from readers of Everything Physio blog but there just seems to be very limited information.

I’ll keep updating as I get more information on this, but so far this is what I have:

Physiotherapy Internship in the UAE is a 24week compulsory period of  experiential learning required from a graduate with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree.

This period of training is believed to help the recently graduated Physiotherapist acquire the essential knowledge, skills, and competencies required to function as a Physiotherapist.

The Internship in UAE is arranged and supervised by the Ministry of Health and the University has no authority over this except the initial facilitation.

Some have said you need to pay to do your internship in the UAE, while others have said you don’t get paid a salary as an intern…But these are still opinions that will be confirmed by you when you give us a sincere feedback.

What you need to apply for a Physiotherapy Internship Programme in Dubai

1. A filled application form
2. Birth certificate
3. Physiotherapy degree
4. College/University Transcript
5. Letter of recommendation (2)
6. Letter of good standing
7. Vaccinations ( BCG, HBV, Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine, Tetanus)
8. 6 passport photos (white background).

Where to Do Your Physiotherapy Internship Program in UAE

Gulf Medical University (The popular option)
The Gulf Medical University is offers a Physiotherapy Internship program in collaboration with Thumbay Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Hospital that is approved by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE.

Location: Ajman metropolitan area, 30 minutes drive to Dubai international airport and 20minutes drive to Sharjah Airport.

Apply for Physiotherapy Internship

You May also contact these hospitals (I will update the list as I get more information):

2. Healthpoint, Mubadala Healthcare Assets, Abu Dhabi

3. Dubai Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation Center
Jumeirah, Dubai.
Call: 800-342 (800-DHA)
Outside UAE(24/7):

4. University of Sharjah

For further details on Internship you can visit

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