Texas Becomes US 49th State to Let Patients See Physical Therapists Without Referral

A new law taking effect Sept. 1 will allow Texans who want treatment for an injury or pain management to see a physical therapist without first visiting a physician or other healthcare provider.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 29, which will allow Texans to seek treatment from a physical therapist without first receiving a referral from a physician.

“Texas Hospital Association, Texas Medical Association, and Texas Orthopedic Association all spoke against it, but did come to the compromise we have now,” said Laurie Hurst, a physical therapist with her doctoral of physical therapy. “We have a limited period of time where can see a patient without a referral. That is to prevent things from going on too long if they really do need a medical referral to their doctor.”

Physical therapists must first earn their doctorates in Physical Therapy in order to see patients without a referral, or must earn Continuing Education Credits (CEU).


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