How can you get a job as an Allied Health Professional in UAE?

Getting a physiotherapy job in Dubai can almost be like a catch 22 situation… ” you need a work visa to work, but you need an employer to sponsor you to get a work visa…but you need to get your license to work as a physiotherapist… but you can’t apply for a license till you pass the exams…but you don’t even qualify to take the exams if you don’t have a job offer…

So what can you do?

Well I have three suggestions, not necessarily recommendations, but these should help:

1. Send your CV to a recruitment agency in Dubai.

2. Search for jobs online by yourself. Here are some websites where you can search for physiotherapy jobs in Dubai or UAE generally:


3. You can go to Dubai on a visit or tourist visa and search for jobs on ground. Buy their newspapers and pick up classifieds from supermarkets. Visit hospitals, health centers or gyms…

However, if you get hired by a Dubai employer you will need to leave the UAE and wait for your Employment Visa to be issued, so you are not banned from the country.

 An employer must apply for an employment visa on your behalf.

4 thoughts on “How can you get a job as an Allied Health Professional in UAE?

  1. Am so happy to hear the steps. Am in Abu Dhabi already, a moth plus now. i have been applying, but seems like its not favouring me. i have 8 years working experience and M.Sc in Physiotherapy. Please i need your help. [email protected]

  2. Hi Nweke,
    Sorry for the late response, my host had not been notifying me of your comments.
    You need to work on getting your license, like I said before.

  3. Hi! I did my B.PT in 2007 and till 2014 I did job too in India. But since 2015 I am a housewife and now i am again doing job since last year in India. Am I eligible for license exam od Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

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