How to Get a Physiotherapy Job in Ireland

Apply for Recognition of Qualifications with CORU

If you have a Physiotherapy qualification from outside Ireland, you can’t directly apply for registeration as a Physiotherapist in until you first have a letter of Recognition.

Your professional qualification and any additional relevant post qualifying education and training / work experience will be assessed against the threshold standards of proficiency required for practise of the profession and entry to the Register in Ireland.

If your professional activities as a Physiotherapist in your country of qualification is not comparable with those of Ireland
then your qualification cannot be recognised.
If, however, your  professional activities are comparable but you have some deficits according to their Physiotherapy
standards of proficiency, your subsequent post-qualification training and professional work experience will be considered.
If deficits still remain, you will be offered a choice between two options;
1. completing a period of adaptation (A number have complained about the difficulty in getting a place for their adaptation).
2. an aptitude test

How long this Process Takes:
– Within 7 days of receiving your application. CORU will send you a written acknowledgement of receipt.
– Within 1 month: CORU will let you know whether your application is complete or has missing documentation.
-Within 4 months: CORU will send you their verdict.

Supporting Documents to Submit with your Application for Recognition of Qualifications:

1. Certified copy of proof of identity (certified colour copy of the
front page and the photo page of your passport).
2. Certified copy of your birth certificate.
3. Certified copy of evidence of change of name (if applicable, such as a
marriage certificate).
4. Certified copy of Physiotherapy qualification (s) awarded.
5. Certified copy of official transcripts for qualification (s) awarded.
Your transcripts should contain:
-All course modules / units you studied during your training broken down by each year
– All marks / grades / credits you were awarded
– Length of course of study
6. Certified description of the course content – course syllabus / handbook which should show:
– All course modules / units studied in each year;
– Detailed descriptions of the subjects taken and course content in each year.
– All your supervised and assessed practice placements and any periods of block placements.
7. Certified documentary evidence of eligibility to practise.
8. Certified copies of certificates / transcripts for other additional relevant qualifications.
9. Confirmation by educational institute: You must obtain confirmation for Section 4 of
the application form from the educational institute(s) where you completed your physiotherapy course.
An official contact from your educational institute should stamp and sign the details you have included in this section – your course details.
10. Confirmation by employers: You must obtain confirmation of employment details (Section 5 of the application form) from your employers.
This should be in the form of a stamp or a statement on the organisations headed paper.

Certified Copies
A Solicitor / Lawyer / Notary Public must certify that the documents you submit are true copies of the originals. This means that you will have to show the original documents to the solicitor.
You must submit certified copies of all documents in English or Irish. If the documents are in other languages, you must submit certified copies of an English language translation which has been issued and officially stamped by an official translator. You must include the name and address of the
translator so that we can verify the translation.

€410 (euros) for the application for recognition of qualification.
Payments made in a currency other than Euro will
be returned. Cash is not accepted.

As a Physiotherapist you can also use the
EPC (European Professional Card) for the recognition of your qualifications in Ireland.

Register With CORU as a Physiotherapist

If your qualifications are approved then you need to apply for Registration as a Physiotherapist.

1. Complete the application process and provide all supporting documentation
2. Demonstrate you are fit and proper to practise the profession
3. Verify that you have read, understood and agree to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
4. Satisfy the Registration Board that you have sufficient knowledge of the language necessary to practise the profession in Ireland. This may include undertaking a language test.
5. Pay the required fee
6. Complete an eVetting Invitation Form

Get more information at CORU

In addition:

Register with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP). They are the sole authoritative body for physiotherapy/ physical therapy in Ireland recognized by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

Some benefits of registering with ISCP 
– Achieving a “Chartered” status is your competitive advantage in the Physiotherapy job market in Ireland.
– You have numerous opportunities to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
– Access to a professional indemnity insurance scheme.
– Access to a large and influential professional network.


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  1. 3

    Hai.. I’m from India.. I would like to work in Ireland as a registered physiotherapist after CORU registration. Is vacancies open for foreign physiotherapists ? Is it possible to find a job after CORU registration? How to get an employer?

    • 4

      I think physiotherapy is one of the highly skilled jobs in Ireland, so there are vacancies for foreign PTs. After your CORU, join the Irish Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, and look out for job vacancies

  2. 5

    I am from Pakistan and I have a valid HCPC license, can I apply for jobs on the basis of HCPC i.e. UK registration for physiotherapists?

  3. 7
    Khurram Fiaz

    Any experience required after completion of degree or you can directly apply after completing your degree to work as physiotherapist in Ireland?

  4. 11
    Chinmayi Bajaj

    Hi, I m an Indian Physiotherapist have 4+ years of experience after my masters, how to move ahead to work in Ireland? How much average salary do we expect after this much of experience? Can we sponsor our both parents?

    • 12

      Salaries can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the employer, physiotherapists in Ireland could earn an average annual salary of €35,000 to €55,000, but this can vary. As for your parents, if you can prove that they are your dependants there should be provision for that in the work visa.

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