Format of the Singapore Physiotherapy Qualifying Exams

The Singapore Physiotherapy QE  comprises a 2-hour written paper and 1-hour practical exam.

The Written paper consists of: 
i) 10 Multiple Choice Questions on Paediatrics and Electrophysical Agents (EPA)
(10 marks)

ii) Short Answer Questions (90 marks)
Comprising compulsory questions on cardiopulmonary, neurology and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
Basic anatomy, physiology and behavioural science
questions may be asked in the applied manner in the short answer questions.

Short answer questions are mainly case studies with questions on clinical diagnosis, management and justification of management with appropriate clinical reasoning.

iii) Elective Questions (20 marks)
You will be given a choice to answer one of three case studies related to paediatric physiotherapy, women’s health and sports physiotherapy.

The Practical examination (90 marks) 

Includes 3 scenarios of 20 minutes each in the following areas:
Neurology, Musculoskeletal, Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy.

Scenarios will be similar to clinical cases.
You will be asked to demonstrate appropriate assessment, related management techniques and interventions on a patient model.

You will elaborate on the goals of management on each clinical case.

Examiners will require you to provide evidence-based justification for choice of management techniques and interventions used.

Physiotherapy Qualifications Recognized in Singapore

Requirements for Physiotherapy Registration in Singapore

Steps to Applying for Physiotherapy Registration in Singapore

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