List of Best MSc courses in 2022

Scientific progress has evolved inextricably linked to our daily lives. It is employed in all aspects of life. With a plethora of blossoming prospects in the sector, students may choose from a variety of specialities and courses. When it comes to postgraduate degrees in this field, MSc, also known as MS in some institutions, is regarded as the best option.

What is MSc?

A Master of Scientific degree (or MSc for short) is a graduate-level degree granted by institutions worldwide for completing graduate-level studies in a science or technology-related discipline. Enrolling in an MSc degree program entails a substantial commitment to one’s chosen profession. Aside from the improved employment opportunities that a Master of Science degree may provide, students also obtain significant personal attributes and meet the qualifications for PhD research.

As a prerequisite for graduation, Master of Science applicants must do independent research and produce a thesis.

MSC subjects

Depending on the student’s specialization, the syllabus and course program will vary according to that. It frequently consists of core studies undertaken by every student enrolled in that MSc degree, and students can choose from a list of subject areas provided by the institution based on their interests.

Here are the following subjects that are covered in some of the most popular MSc specializations:

Introduction to Programming Language through CSoftware EngineeringJava ProgrammingData CompressionHuman Resource ManagementProbability TheoryLifespan PsychologyMolecular BiologyArtificial IntelligenceGame TheoryEnvironmental MicrobiologyEcological EconomicsLinear Models and Regression AnalysisComputer Programming

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MSC courses list

MSc programs in microbiology, environmental studies, and biochemistry have experienced phenomenal growth. It is the most demanded course in the academic world, both within and outside the nation. 

Here are the top 5 MSc courses that come under the MSc domain, which students must go for in today’s time:

MScs Computer ScienceMScs Information TechnologyMScs Data ScienceMScs MarketingMScs Finance

Among the courses available abroad, here is a list of a few of them:

M.Sc. in Advertising Management & Public RelationsM.Sc. in Actuarial ScienceM.Sc. in Agricultural MicrobiologyM.Sc. in Advertising Management & Public RelationsM.Sc. in Animation and Visual Effects M.Sc. in AnthropologyM.Sc. in AgronomyM.Sc. in AnatomyM.Sc. in Agriculture Chemistry & Soil ScienceM.Sc. in Agricultural PhysicsM.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality ManagementM.Sc. in Apparel Technology and ManagementM.Sc. in Applied ChemistryM.Sc. in Applied EconomicsM.Sc. in Astronomy and Space Physics M.Sc. in AstronomyM.Sc. in Audiology and Speech RehabilitationM.Sc. in Biodiversity & ConservationM.Sc. in Biological SciencesM.Sc. in BacteriologyM.Sc. in Applied GeologyM.Sc. in Applied Plant ScienceM.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and ComputingM.Sc. in Banking & FinanceM.Sc. in AviationM.Sc. in Applied Fisheries and AquacultureM.Sc. in Animal Biotechnology

Top specializations for MSc

The introduction of new technology has resulted in several MSc specializations in academia. A discipline one wishes to take up can become an expert in their field.

The following is a list of top MSc specialities to help you select the best one for yourself:

Pharmacy ChemistryOceanography PlanetologyForestry Systems EngineeringBiochemistry Life ScienceData AnalyticsForensic SciencePlanetologyPediatrics Cyber ForensicPhysiologyDesign ComputingStem Cell TherapyDesign Computing

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Best MSc courses after BSc

MSC is a postgraduate degree, whereas BSc is a bachelor’s degree. If one wishes to continue their education, one can do both. Before enrolling in an MSc degree, you must have completed your BSC. Pursuing MSc after BSc helps increase one’s work opportunities.

 BSc graduates have a wide range of options in terms of disciplines, sectors, and themes to seek in postgraduate level degree programs. 

 Following are the top career opportunities for someone with a BSc:

MSc Pharmaceutical ChemistryMSc BiologyMSc ChemistryMSc BiochemistryMSc Food TechnologyMSc Inorganic ChemistryMSc PhysicsMSc AgricultureMSc ZoologyMSc MicrobiologyMSc HorticultureMSc BioinformaticsMSc BotanyMSc Applied MathematicsMSc Organic ChemistryMSc Forensic ScienceMSc Environmental SciencesMSc ElectronicsMSc Microbiology

Top universities for MSC abroad

MSc is one of the most sought-after courses. To get a piece of more in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive career option as well as exposure, students pursue this course from the top universities across the globe. 

Here is a list of the world’s top 20 universities offering MSc abroad:

The University of Texas at AustinUniversity of IllinoisColumbia UniversityGeorgia Institute of Technology New York UniversityUniversity of AlbertaThe University of British ColumbiaMcGill University University College LondonUniversity of OttawaUniversity of Notre DamePurdue UniversityUniversity of California San DiegoMcMaster UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyQueen’s UniversityStanford UniversityIowa State UniversityUniversity of Manitoba Carleton University

Career after MSC course

MSc courses are popular among scientific students because of the variety of chances available after completing these courses. As an internationally recognized curriculum, MSc provides several career opportunities in India and overseas, depending on the specialization pursued. There are numerous opportunities in both the business and governmental sectors and teaching and research. Some of the primary job profiles that students can obtain after completing the MSc degree are as follows:

Laboratory TechnicianFood and Drug InspectorResearch AssistantProfessorScientistStatisticianMathematicianQuantitative DeveloperJunior Software EngineerAssistant ProfessorBiochemistJunior Research Fellow

Average Salary for the MSc graduates

MSc is a top-rated course among students, both in India and abroad. Depending upon the job profile and the specialization, the average salary package of the graduate may vary. 

Here are the following estimated average Salary, along with the job profile:

Research Assistant- 3-15 LPALaboratory Technician- 2.25-5 LPAChemical Analyst- 2.6-9.90 LPAJunior Research Fellow- 2-5 LPAMathematician- 3-7 LPAFood and Drug Inspector- 2-10 LPAScientist- 6-20 LPABiochemist- 3.20-7.50 LPA

Top recruiters for the MSc graduates are the following companies:

InfosysRanbaxyBhabha Atomic Research CenterISROBAARCBHELJohnson & JohnsonGlaxoSmithKlineCiplaWiproGAILHCLONGC


✅ Which MSc course has the highest demand?

Ans. A variety of MSc programs are provided across the globe in various specializations. It depends from one student to another which course they want to pursue, depending upon their interests. However, the following are the most popular MSc courses being taken up by students all across the world:MScs Information TechnologyMScs Computer ScienceMScs MarketingMScs ManagementMScs Data ScienceMScs FinanceMScs BusinessMScs Mechanical EngineeringMScs EconomicsMScs Information SystemsMScs PsychologyMScs BiologyMScs MarketingMScs Mental Healthcare

✅ Which MSc course pays the Highest Salary?

Ans. The Salary, a fresher gets upon completion of their MSc is varied and depends upon their job profile. An MSc graduate can get anything between 2-20 lakhs per annum, depending upon the job and experience. For example, A scientist can get anything between 6-20LPA, whereas a laboratory technician’s annual package may be anything between 2.25-5 LPA.

✅ Is MSc better than MBA?

Ans. The answer depends upon the pursuits of an individual. If one wants to work in a specialized industry, such as finance, an MSc is a way to go. An MBA, on the other hand, is a full-fledged qualification. If you plan to specialize in one topic for the remainder of your profession, an MSc is a superior choice because you will be an expert in the area.

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