Australia Physiotherapy Council Launches the New “FLYR” Stream

The Australia Physiotherapy Council (APC), the body responsible for assessing and accrediting overseas-trained  Physiotherapists has added a new stream to the pathway of assessment available for Physiotherapists.

From the first of July 2019, eligible overseas qualified Physiotherapists will be able to apply for a new stream – the FLYR stream – of the Standard Assessment Pathway.

Who Can Apply for the FLYR stream?

1. Physiotherapists who completed their entry-level Physiotherapy qualification in either Canada, the United Kingdom or Ireland
2. These Physiotherapists also need to Have been registered without restriction with the relevant regulatory body in the applicable country within the past 5 years.

What will the Process be?

From July 2019, Overseas-trained Physiotherapists that qualify for the FLYR stream will be required to
– complete a new points-based Eligibility assessment
– do a Written Assessment
After successful assessment they will receive a Final Certificate that can be used to apply for General Registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.

If you are in London, there is a Written Assessment centre there, so you can seamlessly complete the entire process before any attempt to relocate.

More information to come…

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