Do Your Free Online Assessment before Migrating to Canada as a Physiotherapist

A SART is an online self assessment tool designed for Internationally Educated Health Professionals. This tool will help you compare your knowledge, skills and abilities against those required to practice in Canada.

What content to expect in the tool:
1. Information on the education requirements and licensure/certification process for physical therapists.

2. General Information about immigration.

3. A view about the life and practice of physiotherapists through authentic case scenarios, employer identified core skills and technical competencies.

4. Assessment that helps you identify gaps (if any) and therefore make informed decisions about your career options (eg you may decide to start as a Physiotherapy Assistant instead of Physiotherapist)

I know a number health professionals that got nasty shocks after migrating to Canada, when they realized their skills didn’t match.
As a first step it would be wise to use the free online assessment tool, so your decision to migrate to Canada would be an informed one.


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