Where to Prepare for the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam

If you are interested in practicing physiotherapy in Canada, then I’m glad to tell you Canada needs you. However, before you can work as a physiotherapist in Canada you need to go through a licensing process that involves credentialing and taking written and practical exams.

I have written a previous post on how to prepare for the PCE here. This post gives you information on where you can get hands on guidance and preparation for the exams.

PCE Exam Prep Alberta  have designed a Practical exam course which prepares foreign trained physios for the clinical component of the Canadian licensing exam

The Practical exam course is divided into 4 different modules:





​Each module is covered in 2-3 classes based on the students needs. 
Every week students are given topics to read and the exam instructors go through an initial classroom session and hands on practical session. Participants are taught the various assesment strategies used in Canadian physiotherapy schools. 

​Each pce practical exam course includes two mock exams within 16 stations.

Preparation for the Written Exam

The theory exam course consists of one to one classes at their teaching location and is also streamed live online. 

They have also developed a 500 page supplementary written material which includes each and every topic covered in the written exam. 

This guide is the most extensive study guide available in Canada which is designed according to Canadian university teaching system.  

This guide includes details and every topics like Ethics, Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Cardio, Paediatrics etc.

For more information you can email pceexamalbertagmail.com or visit their website

Ensure you are fully convinced and satisfied with what they are offering before you make any payments.

Wishing you all the best.

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