September 2022 Visa Bulletin Predictions

With very little movement in August’s 2022 Visa Bulletin, many green card applicants are patiently awaiting the results of the September 2022 Visa Bulletin. Will India EB2 continue to make moves? Or will it regress as India EB3 moves forward? Let’s take a look at our predictions for September and what we can expect to see. 

September 2022 Visa Bulletin Predictions

The 2022 fiscal year has been a bit hard to predict in terms of priority dates and movements on the visa bulletin each month. There is still a prevalent backlog with green cards as the effects from the pandemic are still felt. It is leaving many who are waiting for their priority date puzzled as to what they can expect to see each month and if it will finally be their time. 

After seeing the results of the August 2022 Visa Bulletin, it does appear that September will be another month of little to no movement for some categories. Here are our exact predictions for India EB2 and EB3: 

Final Action Dates

  • India EB2 advances by 3 months
  • India EB3 advances by 1 month or has no movement

Date of Filing Application

  • India EB2 advances by 3 months
  • India EB3 advances by 1 month or has no movement

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To break down our predictions, let us first talk about India EB2. While it is likely that we will see a small advancement by 3 months, it has been cautioned by many that we could possibly see a retrogression in October or November for this category. From what we can tell by looking at green card statistics and spillover numbers, it appears that EB3 may not make any significant movement until FY 2023. 

When Will the September 2022 Visa Bulletin Be Released? 

Based on the last few release dates of visa bulletins, we can expect the September 2022 visa bulletin to be released on August 8 or August 9. 

What Happens if My Priority Date is Regressed After I File?

If you notice that after you file for your green card that the priority date on the latest visa bulletin has regressed, your visa will not yet be processed by USCIS and will be “held in abeyance” until your priority date is current again. 

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Stay tuned and check back frequently for the September 2022 Visa Bulletin results as soon as they are released as well as our full analysis.

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