How to Work as a Physiotherapist in Norway

Norway seems to be one interesting European country to study, work and live so practising physiotherapy should also be attractive (well that depends on your preferences).

Even though you’ll find quite a number of Norwegians speaking English, it is advisable to pass a proficiency test before applying for authorization.

Here are the steps you need to take to be a registered physiotherapist in Norway:

1. Pass a proficiency test.
You are required to pass a Norwegian language test at level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference of languages, CEFR).  Both the oral and the written exam must be passed.

2. Apply for authorisation with the required documents to have your education considered equivalent to the corresponding Norwegian education.

The form for applying for authorisation and licence as a physiotherapist/health personnel in Norway may be found in the Norwegian form portal Altinn.

All documents required for the application for authorization should be scanned coloured copies of your original documents.

The documents required to be uploaded are:

Your diploma or degree

Your transcript/ a detailed overview of your curriculum.

Requirements for the curriculum:
• The theoretical content must be stated in the learning objectives for each individual subject.
• The scope of each subject must be expressed in either ECTS or the number of hours for each subject.
• The number of work placements or clinical practice studies with each period’s length, objective, venue and evaluation results must be stated.
• Practice must be expressed with
– number of weeks or hours or ECTS within each field of practice
– department which include areas /
• List of institutions where your practical training experience is conducted. The curriculum must be valid for those years the applicant studied, e.g. if you studied from 2010–2015 the curriculum has to cover those years.
• The curriculum also needs to provide detailed contact information to the educational institution. Authorization from the country the applicant graduated from and/or the country you have worked in. If your profession is not regulated in the country you have graduated from, or worked in, please inform about this. Detailed work certificate showing where and what you have been working with.

Note that:
All attachments should be scanned color copies of original documents.
– Please do not take photos of documents and attach them since photos are often hard to read.
– Please make sure documents are rotated correctly.
– When scanning documents with multiple pages, please scan all pages to the same document.
– If your application has been sent and you find out that you should have added more attachments, please do not send a new application but send the remaining attachments to [email protected]. Your e-mail should
contain information about the reference number (AR-number) given by Altinn.

3. If your qualifications are considered equivalent, or are  otherwise proven to possess the necessary skills, you then can proceed with your application for authorisation.

4. You will also be required to complete and pass additional courses on Norwegian health services, health legislation and society before authorisation can be granted.

To apply for authorisation, you must pay a processing fee of NOK 1,665 ($195.87). Any costs related to the transfer must be covered by the applicant.

How Long the process of Authorization takes:

Applicants educated within EU/EEA: 4months  
Applicants educated outside the EU/EEA: 7 months

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