Should You Use A Health Recruitment Agency to Get a Physiotherapy Job in the US?

If you are a foreign trained physiotherapist interested in working in the US there are a couple of health recruitment agencies that may be able to help you with the whole immigration (green card) or work permit (H-1B visa) process.

There’s really nothing wrong in getting an agent to help you if you have investigated the agent in question to your own satisfaction. Like I have said many times before, you may not end up with an agent you contact but you may end up with lots of useful information on how to land an international job or immigrate to the US as a physiotherapist.
Here are two health recruitment agencies you can check out, I have had contacts with one of them but you still need to do your own home work.

How to deal with a health recruitment agency:

 1.ASK Questions
Always make sure you ask all questions that are one your mind especially those are peculiar to your own situation. The agency website may have an FAQ but if you are not satisfied never feel apologetic for asking more questions.

 2.Observe Body Language
Watch the body language of the agency…do they respond to emails on time? Do they act like you are bothering them? Do they just respond to your questions with a general answer or impersonal mail? Do they sound friendly? I look out for these signs in particular because it tells me a lot about the kind of organization I’m dealing with.

3. Don’t be too Quick to send your information
Don’t send your CV or resume to the agency if it isn’t quite clear what their requirements are. Some of these agencies just want to brag about the database of physiotherapists or allied health professionals they have….they are not actually interested in helping you.

4. The Money Factor
A reputable agency will NOT ask you to pay for anything without services rendered. Employers pay these people to head hunt so they are to get to work by locating people like you.

5. Read the Terms
Some health recruitment agencies have funny terms of agreement. Please always read their terms over and over and if you can, get a lawyer or some other intellectual to go through the agreement with you. Don’t be hasty to rush into an agreement you don’t thoroughly understand.

You can check these physiotherapy staffing agencies in the United States that recruit internationally trained physiotherapists:

Avant Healthcare Professionals

Avant Healthcare Professionals is the premier specialist for internationally educated nursing and allied health professionals including physical and occupational therapists. We offer visa sponsorship, free licensure and visa processing, examination preparation, and long-term assignments based in one location as well as a great package of salary and benefits.

Avant Healthcare Professionals is an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging diversity in the workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to citizenship status, race, immigration status, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or marital status. Avant offers a range of immigrant and non-immigrant visa sponsorship for qualified applicants needing such assistance. Avant is an industry leader in international recruitment and our expert team will support you through each step of the application process.

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A New York-based staffing company comprised of an experienced team of healthcare professionals, lawyers, recruiters, licensing and credentialing specialists. We are the direct employer.

InterFysio is a boutique agency handling only selected disciplines within healthcare. As PTs, PTAs, OTs, COTAs, and SLPs, we know your concerns and are eager to work with you individually on your professional development.
We offer mentoring, continuing education, individually tailored development plans, customized assignments, annual performance reviews and, for those foreign trained staff, we support any licensing and credentialing that is necessary.

We offer full visa sponsorship and legal support for our foreign trained hires through our world class in-house legal team. This service is included in our compensation package. We do not make any deductions from your salary for any reason.

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